Jennifer Msumba

Singer Songwriter / Author / Filmmaker / Influencer

Jennifer Msumba is an award-winning solo musician with a penchant for lyrical shenanigans, consistently dropping gems such as crowd favorites – “The Fish Don’t Care When It Rains” and “Minus Your Girlfriend, We’d Make A Great Pair”.Jennifer has been compared to Joni Mitchell meets The Moldy Peaches. Her refreshingly simple tunes will have you humming along in no time, but listen deeper, and you will find complex imagery playing out the stories of our lives. 

As someone on the autism spectrum, Jennifer has found a unique way of expressing herself through music. Often upbeat, her music also weaves a baseline of strength and grit born through adversity.Jennifer’s music tends to have mass appeal, with adults and children alike asking her to play Hot Sauce and Chips for a second time at her live shows. “Her music just makes you feel good”, and “She puts into words how I am feeling” are frequent sentiments from her fans.